Computer Reseller Asset Disposition in Orange County

ReComp Recycling is the number one name for computer reseller in Orange County and a computer reseller in Santa Ana for Asset Disposition. Disposition of excess or unused assets is defined as the process of scrapping, selling, donating or throwing away any equipment that has a value. The entire process consists of removing the equipment from a company’s financial records. If asset disposition is done properly, the company will benefit through additional revenue, thereby increasing profits. Additionally, this money can be used as a capital and reused in the business. If the assets are donated, tremendous goodwill can be created. An organization’s tax burdens can be reduced with well managed asset disposition.

ReComp will help your company formulate a clear strategy for asset disposition. We will identify the type of disposition method best suited for you. Our experts will analyze the assets that need to be disposed, their approximate market value as well as their demand in the market. ReComp also offers value added services like e-waste recycling such as identifying re-usable computers as well as data destruction. We will ensure that the asset value is maximized to its full potential. We will also make sure that any private data that can lead to a potential safety breach is properly destroyed according to the latest State and Federal regulations.

Leaders Electronics Reseller in Santa Ana

ReComp will help customers manage their obsolete and outdated IT assets to ensure reliable and environmentally friendly disposal. Our 21 years of experience has enabled us to employ industry leading best practices for asset disposition and made us the leading electronics reseller in Orange County and electronics reseller in Santa Ana.

ReComp has a 12,000 square foot facility where our experts scrutinize and evaluate all assets before assigning them to be either recycled or destroyed. We have lower logistics costs since all of our services are handled in the same facility. Our certified handlers are trained to ensure they uphold your data to the highest security standards. We understand your requirements and have personalized services to fulfill them.

Asset Disposition does not need to be a hassle anymore. Contact the experts at ReComp Recycling today!