Data Destruction and Digital Media Erasing in Orange County

Gone are the days of paper, where all data was recorded on a physical media. With technology taking over corporate America, digital storage is everywhere. Not only is it extremely convenient to store, share and manipulate, it takes up less space and is easily saved and archived.

However, digital storage brings its own problems. If this data gets into the hands of someone who can misuse it, it can lead to many headaches, financial loss and even imprisonment due to regulatory non-compliance. Digital data security is extremely important for companies to protect their customer records, intellectual property as well as financial information. There are several State and Federal regulations that dictate data protection security and sanitation.

It is essential for companies to have a digital storage strategy, along with a data destruction strategy for all digital media. Data destruction is essentially the process of obliterating data stored on hard drives, USB drives, Solid State Drives (SSDs), tapes and all other forms of digital media to render it unreadable and inaccessible to anyone. When data is deleted on a computer, the underlying operating system cannot read it.  However, by using certain software, this “deleted” data can be easily recovered. It has to be overwritten with junk data in order to make it completely irretrievable.

Data Destruction, Sanitation & Erasing Services – Santa Ana

ReComp is a leader for Data Destruction in Orange County and data destruction in Santa Ana. We use an extensive range of data destruction, sanitation and erasing services which comply with the latest State and Federal regulations.

We are experts in digital media like hard drive and SSDs. ReComp will ensure that your media is completely sanitized or if required, physically destroyed. We apply different layers for destruction of data. We start with erasing hard drives and overwriting, them using neutral patterns as per processes mandated by State and Federal Regulations. Next step is degaussing. Degaussing is the process of changing the magnetic field around a magnetic storage device which leads to destruction of data stored on it. If required, certain hard drives are then destroyed.  Hard drive recycling in Orange County and hard drive recycling in Santa Ana, along with server recycling is also a service we offer.

Using ReComp’s Data Destruction services will provide customers with proper accountability and compliance to regulatory requirements. Contact us today to ensure your company’s private information and reputation are untouched.