Recomp E-Waste Recycling Center in Orange County

ReComp Recycling is a company that is devoted to finding new uses for used or obsolete equipment. Founded in 1994, ReComp has provided numerous recycling services to many companies and organizations in United States. We have 21 years of experience in computer and E-Waste Recycling in Orange County and computer recycling in Santa Ana.

ReComp offers a variety of surplus asset management services designed to maximize your excess inventory value and increase your financial strength.

Data Destruction & Asset Disposition in Orange County

We are the leader for Data Destruction in Orange County and data destruction in Santa Ana. We use an extensive range of data destruction, sanitation and erasing services which comply with the latest State and Federal regulations.

Many companies do not realize the importance of addressing their surplus assets problems. Many tend to be more reluctant in disposing their obsolete computer systems because they believe that the old systems still hold some value. However, in many cases, their beliefs are false because they fail to realize the true cost of keeping those systems. This factor is not beneficial for the company’s survival in the long run.

Our experience has enabled us to employ industry leading best practices for asset disposition and made us the leading electronics re-seller in Orange County and electronics re-seller in Santa Ana.

ReComp can help you to clean up your inventory and assets, so you can easily free up your warehouse space and maximize the value for your obsolete and surplus electronic equipment.