E-Waste and Electronic Waste in Orange County

E-Waste or Electronic Waste is essentially discarded desk phones, mobile phones, office equipment like fax & copiers, refrigerators, TVs, mp3 players, tablets, computers as well as monitors. In today’s digital world, all companies need to purchase and use the latest computers and equipment. However, in just a few years, with the technology advancing so fast, these equipment start becoming outdated. The newer models are smaller, faster and come with more features that become essential to smooth functioning of an office.

The older equipment is difficult to dispose. Most companies feel that the value of their older electronic items is much higher than what it really is. Not only is the equipment left gathering dust, it is also occupying valuable warehouse space.

Computer Recycling in Santa Ana California

ReComp has 21 years of experience in computer recycling in Orange County and computer recycling in Santa Ana. We will safely recycle any computer and electronic equipment that has reached its end of service life or if it is no longer useful.  Additionally, ReComp can help companies clean up their old inventory and obsolete assets in order to free up valuable space. ReComp will also help maximize the value for a company’s obsolete and surplus electronic equipment. To do this, ReComp will purchase all working and non-working excess electronic equipment, such as mobile and desk phones, printers, routers, switches, computers, monitors, servers, cables or any other electronic equipment that needs to be recycled. ReComp offers a variety of surplus asset management services designed to maximize a company’s excess inventory value. Recomp also offers asset disposition and data destruction services.

Recomp supports the “zero waste” policy promoted by California’s Integrated Waste Management Board. ReComp has a policy that advocates reducing waste and that promotes the use of older materials in a new environment to maximize their life. This leads to protection of the health and safety of the public and the environment.

ReComp is a leader in recycling E-Waste in Orange County and e-waste in Santa Ana. Contact ReComp Recycling today to help us help you reduce E-Waste, promote recycling and maximize your bottom-line.